Purchasing Goods

Import of refrigerated and frozen products 

For more than 80 years we at Bischofberger AG Lebensmittel have been importing food products. A network of employees and partners provides for a smooth flow. We’re keen on everything cold and have a nose for first-class producers and products. Are you looking for fine shrimp from Viet Nam, tender beef from Uruguay or fresh fish from the pure waters of New Zeeland?

Call us at the telephone number +41 44 809 79 79 or order direct, easily and at our informative B2B customer portal.


Producers' choice and care

One of our main tasks is selecting the best producers and products in the countries of origin. For that reason, our buyers and QM-personnel from the Rep Offices travel at lot to visit our partners and producers world-wide in person. 

Quality Management with IFS Broker Certification

You are entitled to top quality and absolutely perfect food safety. For that reason, we evaluate all of our products and check them using external laboratory tests. In order to meet our own high standards for quality, we invest a lot in the continuous refinement of our QM-system IFS Broker.

Packing  & Design

Food packaging is very important because it influences the consumer’s buying decision at the Point of Sale. It protects the quality and extends the shelf-life of valuable foodstuffs. At your request we, in cooperation with external professionals, will develop professional packaging for your product lines. 


By Ship, Plance and Lorry

Whether deep-frozen and fresh poultry from Europe, fish filets or shrimp from the Far East, or tasty vegetarian snacks: The valuable refrigerated and frozen products often come from far away. Cooperation with our logistics people is indispensable. They organise and supervise refrigerated transport via ship, airplane and lorry and make sure that an uninterrupted chain of refrigeration during the continued transport from the harbour in Rotterdam or Hamburg to our warehouse in Schachen (LU). 

Storage from 0 to -28° C

In our BRC-certified warehouse we keep our product inventory ready for your orders. This makes the goods constantly available to your and allows you to offer your customers a great selection of products with little effort and risk.   

Commissioning and Distribution

Our EDI-interface combines our ERP-system with the warehouse software of our logistics partners. There the orders are commissioned by dedicated and reliable employees and delivered to you in 3-zone refrigerator lorries. The temperature of the cargo space as well as the position of the refrigerated vehicle is checked and recorded using GPS and modern communications technology.